Fusilier Donnini VC

During the assault of a village in NW Europe in January 1945 Fusilier Donnini’s platoon came under concentrated fire and he was hit in the head. After recovering consciousness he charged down 30 yards of open road and threw a grenade into the nearest window. With the survivors of his platoon he closely pursued the fleeing enemy. Within close range of enemy trenches and under intense fire Fusilier Donnini rescued a wounded comrade then returned to the open firing a Bren gun. He was wounded a second time but recovered and went on firing until a grenade he was carrying was hit and exploded killing him. During this action, fought at point blank range, the determination and magnificent courage of Fusilier Donnini enabled his platoon to capture the position accounting for 30 Germans and 2 machine guns.

Fusilier Donnini was the youngest recipient of the Victoria Cross during World War II.