Museum Maintenance - The Problem!

Museum Maintenance – The Problem!

Wondering why we are closing the Museum for 5 weeks?
Blame the smallish piece of metal pictured below!

We are reliably informed that this connects two pieces of scaffolding and it was this that came crashing through our long glass cupola in the Museum several months ago – courtesy of some kindly scaffolders working on the building next door!

518 Sauchiehall Street, the home of the Museum, was designed and purpose-built in 1903 by Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh for Thomas Annan & Sons, photographers and pioneering documentary-makers. The premises consist of two four-story buildings connected at ground level by the long gallery covered by the glass cupola, designed to give light to the workers below.

Fortunately, the canvas canopy erected to protect our artefacts from damaging light broke the fall of the scaffolding and broken glass. Sadly, the Museum must be closed during the repair period as it necessary to erect scaffolding in the long gallery to support the scaffolding that will be built around the cupola. Nothing is ever easy – the cupola can only be accessed by windows – the easiest one being our Regiment Today gallery.

So, watch this space and we will try to keep you updated on progress – hopefully, it will be marginally more interesting than watching paint dry!