Bugle and Museum of the Second World War

13 June 2017, Comments 0

Following week we moved to Gdańsk to the recently opened Museum of the Second World War.

As they put it: “The mission of the Museum of the Second World War is to create a modern institution that will present the history of the war as the greatest cataclysm of the 20th century. Despite the fact that over 70 years have passed since the outbreak of the Second World War, no museum in Europe treats its course and nature comprehensively. This makes our initiative timely.

One of our museum’s main goals is to show the wartime experiences of Poland and the other countries of East-Central Europe. These were often different from what the people of Western Europe and of countries outside Europe lived through, and tend to be little known there. This museum will focus on the stories of individuals, societies and nations; military events will serve as mere background to the narrative about the everyday lives of civilians and soldiers, the terror of the occupation and genocide, resistance to the occupying forces, diplomacy and great-power politics. This approach will convey the uniqueness of the Second World War, in which it was the civilian populations that suffered the most.”


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