Thankful to PARAS

2 July 2018, Comments 0

We are very grateful to veterans from The Royal Highland Fusiliers and The Parachute Regiment who were busy rattling cans at Central Station on Friday and raised a magnificent £1,141.20 – a very welcome addition to our Heritage Appeal.

There are an amazing number of links between the Paras and our Regiment – one less than obvious one is that the old headquarters of 15 (Scottish) Parachute Regiment at the Yorkhill Territorial Army drill hall was once the headquarters of 6th (City of Glasgow) Battalion, The Highland Light Infantry (6 HLI).

6 HLI, a Territorial Force unit, had just departed for annual summer camp when war broke out in August 1914; and was mobilised at once , moving to Dunfermline. In May 1915, they sailed from Devonport for Gallipoli, via Egypt and Mudros; seeing action at Gully Ravine, Achi Baba Nullah and Krithia Nullahs. Following evacuation from that ill-fated campaign, they returned to Egypt and fought at virtually all the battles, including Dueidar, Romani, all three battles of Gaza and Jaffa. In March 1918, they proceeded to France and spent the rest of the War on the Western Front.

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