The Scaffolding Men Cometh

15 August 2018, Comments 0

The Scaffolding Men Cometh – but they were on our side, this time!
The Museum now has more scaffolding than anyone thought possible!
We have scaffolding in the main gallery to support the roof around the cupola – the main reason that the Museum is closed for the repair work.
All the scaffolding for the cupola + the scaffolding gentlemen had to be brought through the relatively small window in the Regiment Today gallery – and, remarkably, all components made it without incident!
So, now, we have the enormous edifice which has been built around the cupola to a height of two and a bit storeys – for fans of scaffolding, we are assured that this is of the birdcage variety! Rather sensibly, the roofing contractors are going to sort out all the guttering and any other problems while they are on site.
Just a slight problem: the scaffolding has now been up for well over a week – but no sign of the roofing folk!


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